Daisy Update

During last Friday's meeting (2/19/10) the Daisy's earned two petals:
Light Blue - for honest and fair
Yellow - for friendly and helpful
For honest and fair, the girls broke up into groups and divided up beads honestly and fairly amongst themselves and each made a bracelet. For friendly and helpful they glued little blue hands on green paper that said "A Helping Hand Was Here" which they were suppose to leave whenever they helped out or did chores. Hopefully you have seen some of those little hands lying around. :-)
We ran out of time at the last meeting to hand out the petals, so we will be doing that at the March 5th meeting. If your Daisy has not earned their "center" yet, I will hold onto the petals until they have. We are very close to all of them having it. In order for them to have earned their center, they had to memorize and recite the Girl Scout Promise.

We will be going on a field trip to the Fire Station on our next meeting, March 5th. Your Daisy was given a permission slip for you to sign and return in order for them to go. If you didn't get one please let me know and I will get one out to you.
If ever you have any questions don't hesitate to call me.

Tammy Robertson
568 -3054
"Ours is a circle of friendships united by ideals" ...Juliette G. Low, Girl Scout Founder
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